Decorative Hardware for the Kitchen

By March 27, 2023Home Staging

Every detail counts when it comes to staging a home for sale and decorative hardware is one of those details that can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Simply exchanging out drawer and cabinet pulls along with door hinges and knobs is the most effective way to update a home’s features without spending a fortune. This year we are seeing decorative hardware as a new 2023 design trend if you want that extra icing on the cake! Updating your hardware can instantly help your home stand out from the competition. In this blog post, we go over the top decorative hardware trends for the kitchen that can help you stage your home for sale.

Mixed Metal Hardware

A big trend this year that can add visual interest to your kitchen cabinets and drawers is mixing of metal finishes. Combining metals such as brass, copper, and nickel can create a unique and personalized look that will catch the eye of potential buyers.

Matte Black Hardware

Not only is matte finishes being seen on your next door neighbors sports car but matte has creeped over into design we are seeing matte metallic finishes that are clean and amazingly elegant. Matte black hardware is a bold and modern choice for your kitchen that can help create a sleek and sophisticated look. It’s a great choice for homes with a contemporary design aesthetic. We suggest this sleek hardware to add dramatic contrast with a white color scheme in your kitchen – so chic!

Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood and leather are becoming increasingly popular choices for hardware in 2023. These materials can add warmth and texture to your kitchen design and help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The best place to find the most unique hardware made of natural materials is on Etsy by just typing in “cabinet hardware” and you will get over 50,000 results to choose from – happy hunting!

Glass Hardware

Over 80 years ago multifaceted glass doorknobs with mirrored star-burst centers were standard issue in new homes.  Glass hardware is a timeless and elegant choice for your kitchen that can help create a high-end look. It’s a great choice for homes with a traditional or classic design aesthetic.  Prices for vintage glass knobs vary widely, depending on condition, rarity, style, and color.

Today, hardware-store-variety glass knobs’ materials and craftsmanship are far inferior to their vintage counterparts as the old glass has a watery look and refracts light differently due to wear over the years and we find that they just feel better quality wise when you hold them in your hand.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes such as hexagons and circles are a fun and trendy choice for your kitchen or even bathroom hardware. The hexagon shapes adds a sophisticated graphic element to cabinet doors and drawers. There are so many varieties of sizes and shapes from round, oval, half moon, square that can be viewed as works of art and of course add visual interest and create a playful and modern look that will appeal to younger buyers.

Industrial Hardware

Industrial hardware is a trend that’s been around for a while and is still going strong in 2023. This style includes hardware made from materials like steel and iron and can create a rugged and rustic look in your kitchen that will appeal to buyers who love the industrial chic style.

Colored Hardware

Adding color to your hardware is a trend that can add a fun and playful touch to your kitchen design. Colors like blue, green, and red can help create a pop of color that will make your kitchen stand out. If you can’t find the right color then you can take old hardware and spray paint it with a quality spray paint and a bonding primer beforehand as you want an oil-based or email. If you are not going to be touching the hardware too much you may get away with just using this spray paint with primer already in it.

Minimalist Hardware

Minimalist hardware is a trend that focuses on clean lines and simplicity. This style is a great choice for modern and minimalist kitchens that will appeal to buyers who love the clean and uncluttered look.

Antique Hardware

Antique hardware is a classic and timeless choice for your kitchen that can add character and charm to your cabinets and drawers. It’s a great choice for homes with a vintage or traditional design aesthetic.

Mixed Materials

Who says you have to use the same hardware on cabinets or even on a dresser? These days the more expressionistic the better as there are no rules. You can have totally unique hardware on your kitchen island if you want to have it be a statement piece. Mixing materials such as metal and wood is a trend that can add depth and texture to your hardware. This style can create a unique and personalized look that will set your kitchen apart from others on the market.

Incorporating decorative hardware into your kitchen design can add style and personality to this important space. When staging your home for sale, consider these top trends in 2023 to create a look that will appeal to potential buyers. Whether you prefer mixed metals, natural materials, or colored hardware, there’s a trend out there for every kitchen design style. Contact us today to learn how we can help you stage your home for sale with the latest decorative hardware trends.

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