Decorating Trend: Velvet Couches & Sectionals

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Decorating trends: Velvet couches and sectionals

Certain materials ooze luxuriousness, from the sheen of the fabric to the softness under the touch. Velvet is one of those materials. Its luscious shine is as sumptuous to the eye as its silkiness against the skin. The inborn opulence of velvet is one reason it’s been trending in furniture, specifically couches and sectionals. Why not treat yourself to a trendy and timeless velvet sofa that will add unmatched comfort and style into your living spaces?

Woman sitting on the arm of a purple velvet couch

Background on Velvet

It may surprise you to learn velvet fabric has dated back to 2,000 B.C. Originally made of silk, its rarity meant only the wealthiest could afford it. Throughout the Renaissance, velvet was used to enhance furniture and clothing. Manufacturing innovation in the 20th century made velvet more accessible, and by the 1970s, its rich hues were a popular upholstery option.

Velvet isn’t a specific material or fiber. Velvet can be made from silk, cotton, linen, wool, or other synthetic materials. Instead, “velvet” describes the fabric’s structure. We create the material by knitting two different kinds of material together between two layers of backing. This is divided into two identical pieces with soft, upraised piles that give velvet its luxurious feeling.

Why a Velvet Sofa or Sectional? 

Velvet furniture amplifies the glamour and drama of interior decorating. Velvet looks and feels more luxurious than some of the other available textiles. It offers a tasteful opulence that elevates any space while its softness appeals to our innate need for comfort.

Velvet’s material versatility adapts its use to various design styles. By picking specific colors and working with the surrounding decor, velvet furniture makes rooms more romantic or eclectic. It works well with bohemian styles as it does mid-century design. Its richness is perfect for layers with patterns, leather, or natural finishes like wood or marble.

close up shot of the arm of a couch next to a side table

Even in low light spaces, velvet fabric adds a glow that makes a living room feel more put together.

Corner of a room elegantly decorated with a velvet chair, side table, rug, and green plants

Contrary to belief, velvet is also easy to clean. The material is constructed to be durable, making an investment in a velvet sofa or sectional worthwhile.

Velvet Safe Cleaning Solutions

Today’s velvets can be made from cotton, wool, linen, or synthetic fibers, making care more manageable than you may think.

Maintain the sofa by cleaning it with your regular routine. Use a handheld vacuum with a nozzle to remove any dirt caught inside its fibers. Treat spills promptly. Clean with a damp towel and stain repellents, and the spill should lift. As long as you know what kind of fabric the velvet is made from, you’ll have some idea of the best cleaners to apply to it.

For heavier spills and stains you can mix a drop or 2 of dishwashing liquid with a cup of water and create frothy bubbles and dip a cloth in just the suds and lightly blot the stain until majority of the stain has been removed.

Person cleaning velvet furniture

When someone sits on velvet furniture, its pile ruffles up. Over time, this pile returns to its natural state. If you are concerned, you can steam the fabric to smooth it out. Any heavier marks add a patina that gives the piece more character. Think of velvet as wine; it gets better with age.

Correctly cared for velvet fabric can hold up to years of heavy use and wear.

Finding Your Shade of Velvet 

samples of velvet fabric

When we think of velvet furniture, we’re often looking at pictures of deep emerald green sofas, rich blue accent chairs, or bright pink day beds. It’s true; velvet is typically associated with rich colors and decadence that comes with them. Velvet furniture became popular during the 1970s, which rich jewel tones were prevalent with interior design.

However, velvet furniture can be made in any color. Softer shades can be just as eye-catching and refreshing. Use a velvet sectional to balance room textures, add warmth, or an appealing shade.

Velvet Couches & Sectionals That Match Your Decorating Style

blue couch with gold furniture accents around it

Selecting a velvet couch or a velvet sectional is making an investment in a long-lasting, quality fabric. You can play around with the look of your living room when you go with a velvet sectional. Both the material and the choice in sectional give you versatility that never really goes out of style. A velvet sofa may not give you as many layout choices as a sectional, but as long as you pay attention to choosing a timeless style, it will last for years to come.

professionally decorated living room

If your style tends to lean toward mid-century modern shapes with clean lines then try pairing a velvet sofa with some leather chairs against a bold color accent wall for some desired contrast.

Luxurious room with velvet couch and decor

Or go glam with a tufted sofa in velvet and additional furniture that portrays simple and sculptural shapes all upholstered in velvet.  Don’t be scared to mix ruby, sapphire, emerald and even amethyst velvet accents and pillows for over the top posh finishing touches!

blue couch in an upscale living room

A velvet sectional is an ideal piece if you want to work it into your industrial or contemporary style home.  It can bring an unexpected warmth to a space and help break up strong lines and angular shapes for a more soft contemporary design that is easy on the eye.

Whether you have kids, pets, or work from home, velvet’s durability means a sofa or sectional can work for your needs. You can have a glamorous look and feel confident in its maintenance.

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