Talking Atlanta Real Estate and Home Staging Tips on Georgia’s Business Radio

By February 8, 2018Home Staging
Atlanta Home Staging Tips on Georgia's Business Radio

The home staging “season” is almost here in Atlanta and real estate agents are processing paperwork for new listings while sellers are cleaning house, painting and doing updates to get homes in more marketable condition to sell as we head into spring!

Professional home stager, Krisztina Bell wanted to spread the word about how home staging is becoming the HOT marketing tool when selling a home in today’s real estate market especially when it comes to vacant homes. She sat down with Rich Casanova, the host of the Pro Business Channel that airs in Atlanta to talk about the city’s current real estate market and how home staging is becoming more mainstream when it comes to marketing a home to sell faster and for top dollar on the Georgia Business Radio Show!

Here is some short bits from the show and if you wish to hear the entire show click on the podcast below or watch video of the show on YouTube by clicking here.

Rich: …If you have a home, uh you don’t want it to be vacant rather whether your selling or renting it or whatever stage it’s at in the process of real estate. So 14 years in the real estate, that’s..

Krisztina: A long time.

Rich: It’s not a bad idea to have that [real estate] license on occasion but you are actually full time employed working in the industry this wasn’t just a casual dip your toe in the water, right?

Krisztina: I got into real estate in 2003 and as you can see I mean business is booming in Atlanta. Everywhere you drive there is construction going on especially right now with the apartment communities and live, work, play communities are really big.

Rich: big time, so fast forward to 12 years in the home staging business.

Krisztina: yes, yes

Rich: So most people were not aware of home staging 12 years ago.

Krisztina: Home staging has been around for a long time but it’s really hitting the mainstream now. We are still a little low on inventory but it’s going to be an interesting year as last year seemed to be everyone’s best year ever is what I heard from some real estate agents. Atlanta is still a growing city. There is an entertainment industry…

Rich: $7.1 Billion tv and film.

Krisztina: That’s making a huge difference, these corporate companies like Porsche and Mercedes Benz and all of them have corporate headquarters here..

Rich: yeah, Amazon and do you have some inside scoop on Amazon? Is that a done deal? Let’s make that happen today?

Krisztina: I know! I wish I could! That would be huge! They want more companies to move to Atlanta. I just hope this year that more inventory comes on the market.

Rich: So let’s talk about your back story which we touched on a bit, the services and value proposition you bring to the market and real estate industry trends and what’s next for you…

Click below to listen to rest of the radio show where Krisztina talks about trends in home staging, her experience working with HGTV’s Brothers and what’s next for No Vacancy Home Staging and more!


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