2018 Forecast For Home Staging & Design Trends

By January 23, 2018Home Staging
Vacant Home Staging Trends

As we gaze into the crystal ball of what’s trending in 2018 when it comes to home staging and interior design, we see rich and bold colors, texture, patterns in décor and wallpaper, artistic and organic movement and even technology. The trends are not following a “systematic” approach to decorating but going outside the norm and it’s about time to start mixing it up when it comes to staging a home in today’s real estate market. Check out our predictions of what is to come this year as there are no rules in our book!


The staff here at No Vacancy love home staging with a splash of color and we are thrilled more statement colors are making a come back – YES! We are seeing rich jewel tones hence the announcement of the 2018 Pantone Color of the year being Ultra-Violet. And if you thought pastels were going away think again as they are here to stay especially with spring just around the corner. When it comes to decorating the paint colors are bold and brave but if you just want a taste of color like we do when it comes to staging then don’t worry cause on the other end of the spectrum pastel pinks, beiges and light purples are so IN!


When it comes to taking photographs of a perfectly decorated room or capturing the focal point of a staged living space a hint of texture and pattern really shows up well on camera. Cause as we know in the home staging business it’s all about the photos to drive buyer traffic to a home listed for sale. We are seeing all flavors of texture from fringe to feathers, tassels and more. And designers are playing with artistic and organic patterns and making them a strong element to create movement in a room. Patterned wallpaper from abstracts to botanical prints are also making waves – did you get your Ballard Design catalog this month in the mail – hello?

Home Staging DEsign


We are excited to see a more feministic approach to design taking shape as we steer away from the masculine trends of industrial style that we have seen over the past few years. European influences are allowing more classic and traditional furnishings to be mixed in with modern finishes. There is no longer a rule book approach to interior design and home staging as trends are breaking outside the neutral norm and even allowing technology into our live, work, play environments. So we say it’s okay to leave out some personal photos as buyers today want more emotional attachment to take place when viewing a home. Be flexible with your living spaces as they don’t have to look picture perfect like in a magazine and throw matchy matchy out the window when it comes to furnishings! It’s ok to mix old and new for a more designer look these days.

Don’t be afraid to decorate and stage a home just a little bit more outside the box or your comfort zone in the new year – let your personal tastes ensue!

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