We Love Ladders: 7 Ways to Use Them in Your Home

By February 18, 2019Design Trends

Get Creative When Decorating and Staging With any Type of Ladder!

When you think about a ladder, you might associate it with interior design trend. But the use of ladders in decorating is not new around the world. You can find them in country homes all around France and England. The only interior ladders were for libraries, but there is so much you can do to step up your decorating and design skills with a simple ladder. Check out these ideas for inspiration.

Bathroom towels

Using ladders in the bathroom has grown in popularity. Replacing the traditional towel rack. The ladder is becoming a charming way to hold your bath towels.

Towels folded on a ladder step stool in a bathroom.

Photo Credit: Kelly Elko

 This bathroom uses a small step ladder to hold two neatly rolled towels. The colorful flower arrangement brings elegance to the space.

Wooden ladder in a bathroom with folded towels hanging from it.

Photo Credit: Funky Junk Interiors 

This homeowner uses a larger ladder to create an appealing towel rack. Create an attractive focal point by using crisp white towels with a rustic wreath on top.

We love the creativity of this homeowner. She created a vertical storage space in her bathroom and used a library ladder to access it.

Black paint on this wooden ladder creates an upscale look in this bathroom. A set of gray towels and gray rug creates balance in this black and white bathroom.

Ladder used as storage space in a bathroom.

Shelf ladders are not just for the living room. This wooden shelf ladder is used to display a variety of delightful accessories. A natural color palette of browns, greens, and whites create a relaxing environment for this homeowner.

Living Room Display

This is probably the most commonly used design. Using a ladder to display your most cherished items is a very popular home decorating trend.

Living room with contemporary furniture.

This homeowner uses a ladder shelf to display pictures and treasured mementos.

Wooden ladder holding up flowers behind a couch in a living room.

Here is a very unique way to display your flowers. This homeowner used an old wooden ladder to decorate her living room. Using antique metal water pitchers.

Wooden ladder in a living room holding folded blankets.

Photo Credit: Love Grows Wild

Cozy blankets are a staple during the cold winter nights. A pretty way to store these bulky blankets is with a ladder. This display is so adorable and keeps the blankets within arms reach.

Plant Stand

Ladders have often been used in outdoor decor to display potted plants. Thanks to the farmhouse movement, more ladders are being used indoors to display houseplants too.

Wooden ladder holding up various plants.

Check out this rustic wooden ladder display layered with potted air plants. A piece of driftwood helps to frame this photo, and the gorgeous orchids bring a pop of color to this primitive display.

Take some wooden shadow boxes and a ladder and what do you get? This adorable display of greenery for inside your home. Placed by a sunny window, this ladder display takes indoor greenhouse to a whole new level.

Create a Bookshelf

Living room with two large grey couches and upscale decorations.

Using a ladder as a bookshelf is a great design addition. This living room is a cozy place to curl up on the couch and read. Having a bookshelf neatly arranged.

Two ladders used to create a bookshelf.

Using a set of ladders and some simple plywood, this homeowner created a unique display for their music and art.


Two twin beds with ladder acting as a nightstand between them.

Create a nightstand for two with a ladder. This homeowner even takes it a step further and uses clamp lights to create night time reading lights.

Wooden ladder acting as a nightstand next to a bed.

This old wooden ladder has created the perfect pairing of a nightstand and farmhouse style.

In the Kitchen

Blue kitchen cabinets with a tall wooden ladder to access the top shelves.

These cabinets are a great display area for unique serving pieces. This wooden ladder in the kitchen makes it easy to access them when entertaining.

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

Whether the interior is light or dark, ladders in the kitchen are still fashionable. If you are wondering what they do with it then you need it out of the way, most will roll into a corner on the sliding rail.

Old-fashioned Library Ladder

Thanks to Joanna Gaines and the show Fixer Upper, library ladders are making a comeback in interior design. You don’t need an extensive library or mansion to copy this style either.

Giant wall covered in bookshelves with a tall ladder on wheels.

Photo Credit: Holly Mathis Interiors

We hope these ways to use a ladder in your home’s interior design layout are helpful and inspire you to step outside the box and try a new design style with ladders.

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