Selling a Home During the Holidays

By November 25, 2021Home Staging

Sellers are faced with the hard choice of selling during the holiday season or waiting until spring – will the time of year have an influence on your home’s sale?

Many home sellers mistakenly believe that selling a house during the holidays is a bad idea. Don’t most people want to spend the holidays at home and not move? Yes, selling a house during the holiday season might be a little more difficult, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to create a festive, buyer-friendly environment that is remarkably inviting.

Selling During the Holidays Versus the Spring

The National Association of Realtors carried out a study and found that 387,000 homes sold during the month of December 2013 and in June 2014, 506,000 jokes sold.  The difference between the two time periods was only 119,000 more homes selling in the spring versus the wintertime. As you can see, the selling difference is not extreme.

Fast forward to 2021, where currently the nation is gripped in a seller’s market. Due to low inventory numbers in most major cities there simply is just not enough homes for sale to meet the demands of the number of buyers. Thus, such a market makes this holiday season is actually a perfect opportunity to sell a house because it is that time of year for serious prospective buyers who are ready to pull the trigger!

Less Competition

Most sellers believe the best time to market their home is during the spring months which is why there is always a flood of homes for sale starting in March. Competition becomes more intense. However, if you decide to sell over the holidays, you’ll face far less competition so your home might actually sell faster due to more serious buyers ready to buy and close quickly and lenders and agents have more time to spend making it a smoother transaction for all parties and possible tax benefits as well. overall, your home has a much better chance of standing out and will more than likely receive a quick offer because of low inventory.

Greater Buyer Motivation

Houses listed during the spring months do experience more showings, but many are just casual shoppers and not serious buyers. The market is usually flooded with Open House and many people simply enjoy touring the homes in their neighborhood and have no real interest in actually buying. Sometimes they are comparing the house for sale to their own because they are actually considering selling in the near future.

Although agents and sellers realize they will receive less foot traffic during the holidays due to weather conditions, your home’s listing will be seen online and receive more internet traffic in which a buyer will make more serious decision because they have ruled other homes and options out. Most buyers are initiative-taking and are not simply looking.

Realtor Motivation

Over the holidays, the buyers are not the only ones motivated. Many real estate agents are also initiative-taking to sell homes quicker during the holidays because sales are slower, and they need the extra commission. Also, with fewer clients, your agent can focus on moving your home quicker. The extra time spent motivates buyers.

Home Staging During the Holidays

Many sellers think that they don’t have to put as much effort into staging their homes during the holidays. However, this is simply not true. It is especially important to spend extra time staging your home during the holidays, so you truly appeal to buyers. If you want your house to sell fast and for the asking price then you’ll want to put effort into the home staging process.

Curb Appeal Matters

When selling a house, curb appeal matters regardless of the time of year. Sadly, in the winter, many plants look dormant, and the home lacks the luster of spring and summer. However, you can decorate the residence for the holidays to make it more appealing. Consider adding a wreath or garland to the front door to make the space seem more inviting. Layout a welcome mat and place a strong focus on making the home’s exterior inviting so buyers are automatically intrigued and want to see what the interior of the house looks like.

Online Marketing

When the weather is frightful, many shoppers prefer to armchair shop using their home computer. You’ll want to make sure your home truly looks superb in the online listing. Have professional photographs were taken that show the home to its best advantage. A buyer needs to feel intrigued when they look at your home’s online listing, so they are motivated to brave the weather to come to see the house. Remember, the holidays are a time of warmth and family, so you’ll need to use those emotions in the photos of your staged home. If your home is empty, have it staged – even via virtual staging to appeal to a home shopper.

Holiday Home Staging

Most people are in good spirits during the holidays. They are looking forward to spending time with friends and family plus attending all of the various festivities. You want your home to appeal to prospective buyers by making them imagine themselves celebrating the holidays in the home. Small subtle things help set the stage to create a holiday ambiance. Use a bowl of scented pinecones, hang an evergreen wreath, and use holiday scents such as baking cookies or warm cider to truly make the house seem like a home where a buyer would want to spend the holidays.

Just remember, do not go overboard with holiday staging. A little goes a long way. You want the buyer to envision the home filled with their own items and decorations.

If you want to sell your home, then don’t let the holidays slow you down. In fact, use the season to your advantage!


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