Easy Tips for Staging a Home Around the Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner so it’s time to embrace the season by your staging home for the holidays. Many sellers mistakenly believe that November and December are not active times in the real estate market. It’s true that spring is the most active time for home sales and that there is a slowdown in the winter. However, in  December 2020, reports show that  6.8 million homes were sold. Selling a home at the end of the year can be the perfect time as more homes listed for sale that have not sold will go off the market and wait to relist in the spring, which means less competition.  So don’t sit on your laurels if you want to sell. It’s time to add holiday cheer and stage your home accordingly to appeal to potential home buyers. 

Here are some inspiring Tips to Stage A Home Around the Holidays!

Focus on Curb Appeal

When winter arrives, your landscape might take on a bleak appearance. The trees are leafless, the flowers have died, and the grass is looking sad. It’s important to focus on curb appeal by giving your front yard a little extra love. You want potential buyers to see the positives in your garden and you also want to draw them in to take a peek inside your home.

Remember, most buyers will drive by a home’s exterior before making a decision about whether or not they want to actually step foot inside the house for a showing. Your home’s exterior is the residence’s first impression, so you want to make an impression.

  • Tidy up your yard.
  • Rake up the fallen leaves and dispose of them. 
  • Clean out planters of dead plant life and debris. 
  • Bring color to your landscape by placing a few poinsettias and evergreens around your porch or walkway. 
  • Add a nice holiday wreath to your front door that beckons would be home buyers to want to step inside. 

Consider Lighting

The long dreary days of winter make lighting important. The sun might not stream through your windows the way it does during the summer months, so you want to truly highlight your home in a warm and pleasing glow. Buyers do not want to walk into a dimly lit room. Instead, envelope anyone who enters your home in warm lighting. You want them to feel like the house is cozy.

Proper lighting creates a mood. White light is close to natural lighting and can make a space seem more expansive. It is ideal for small rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. A yellow light creates a warm feel and is ideal for the master bedroom, family room, and living room. You want buyers to envision themselves lounging on the couch watching television or curled up in a warm bed.

Go Easy on the Holiday Decor

Yes, it’s nice to have some holiday decor, but remember an excess of decorations will make the room feel tiny. It will also become overpowering to buyers, and they might lose sight of the house by focusing on the decorations. Try not to focus on religious decor or you might steer away buyers of other faiths. Use neutral decorations like a lovely bowl of scented pinecones or a holiday bouquet of winter wheat with dahlias.

It’s okay if you want to put up a Christmas tree. A tree can even bring notice to a home’s outstanding vaulted ceilings. You’ll want to pick the right tree for the room. If you have soaring ceilings, then it is perfectly okay to put a nine to a 10-foot tree in the room. Consider using a slim, tall tree which will make the room seem expansive.

When decorating the tree consider a simple theme. Perhaps pick all silver or red. Avoid putting up personalized or family ornaments which can have a negative impact on a buyer.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Winter is a time when you want to huddle in your home. Try to focus on items that make the space feel cozy. Furry throws and pillows, votive candles and festive mugs are all nice additions to any home to create a holiday atmosphere without feeling overpowered.

Use the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, then you’ll want to light a roaring fire if it’s a chilly day. If your fireplace is wood burning, then place logs next to the fireplace in preparation for the fire. Even if the fireplace is gas or electric, you still want it to feel realistic and inviting.

Decorate the mantle with candles, pine branches or other holiday additions.

Tantalize the Senses

Light candles, bake cookies, place aromatherapy items around the home, texture, and play soft music to tantalize the senses. When you have a sparkling home that smells amazing and sounds relaxing then sellers are going to automatically feel drawn to the space. Think about inspiring a scent of the holidays when pine and cinnamon. Use real pine boughs as a decorative touch to truly create a realistic aromatic experience. 

Create an Inviting Table

You want your potential buyers to imagine hosting friends and family in your home. Create a holiday experience in your dining room by using candles and a lovely centerpiece. Choose an eye-catching color scheme like red and silver or white and gold. When picking flowers for the table’s centerpiece, picks fragrant varieties.

Staging your home around the holiday season doesn’t have to be complicated. Just think about what you find warm and inviting. You want your home to not only look appealing but also feel cozy. You want your house to stand out to prospective buyers.

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