Chic Barn Door Ideas to Add to Your Home

By July 31, 2019Design Trends
Loft-style space with sliding barn doors.

Barn doors aren’t just for farmhouses anymore. They’re still one of the hottest home design trends and can fit any sense of style and home decor. They also modernize and add value to your home.  In fact, according to a study from Zillow Digs, houses with barn doors sell 57 days faster and for 13% more than homes without barn doors. That’s quite the return on investment!  Today’s homebuyers especially those Millennial buyers like and want barn doors – so if you’re looking to add these wide sliding doors to your space, consider these chic barn door ideas for your home.

Elegant Barn Door Ideas Worth Splurging On

Office with a sliding barn door

  1. They Save Space  

Traditional doors take up space by swinging out when opening and closing. Or when they’re left open and that door is ajar in the hallway, kitchen, or closet. Barn doors, though, simply slide from side to side when closing and opening – saving space while being functional. This is perfect for homes that are on the smaller side, as you can maximize floor space while being trendy.

bard door ideas used in a living room setting.

  1. They Divide Open Concept Layouts

Having an open concept kitchen, living room, and dining room also adds value to your home. Homebuyers like open-concept layouts because they make the space appear larger, let in lots of natural light, and make it easier to entertain.  However, sometimes, you might want to block off certain areas within your home. With a sliding barn door, you can do just that!  Barn doors allow you to create space by adding walls or open rooms up by simply sliding a door open and close which gives you a moving wall that is flexible and versatile at the same time!

First floor living area of an updated home.

  1. They Add Aesthetics

Think of barn doors as a piece of art as it does not matter your style, there is a barn door for everyone’s tastes when it comes to decorating your own home or doing a remodel or flip.

One can choose modern glass doors to mirrored doors to colorful doors, a barn door can also be the focal point in any room, adding aesthetic interest and flair to your home.

Kitchen with sliding door featuring a grocery shopping list

And if you’re selling your home vacant, barn doors can add warmth and personalization or maybe a bit of whimsy to your online photos. They will also pop when prospective home buyers tour your home for the first time.

barn door ideas used in a home office

  1. They Fit Any Space

The great thing about barn doors is that they can fit almost any space in your home. Because there are so many different styles and sizes of barn doors, there is a door for any space in your home. You can have them installed in your:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Master bathrooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchen closets
  • Office
Beautifully staged home bedroom.

Staged Master Bedroom by No Vacancy Home Staging

Want to Add Barn Doors to Your Home?

Whether you want to install these doors because you like them or want to add resale value to your home, we recommend consulting a quality contractor to get the job done. They’ll be able to go over materials, design, cost, and installation. Barn doors are no longer just farmhouse chic. They’re modern chic and will instantly add value to your home.


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