2021 Stylish Home Design Trends

By December 23, 2020Design Trends
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Stylish Design Trends To Decorate Your Home In the New Year

Comfortable and cozy is the new luxury for 2021!

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We’ve spent more time in our homes over the last year. Either you love the change, or being constantly immersed in the space has you itching for a change. The approaching New Year signals a time of refresh and renewal, something I believe we are all looking forward to. There is a feeling of optimism and hope that the challenges of 2020 will soon be behind us.

What better way to mark the start of a new year than by updating the spaces you spend the most time in? While home renovations are on the rise, you don’t need to tear down walls to renew your home. Refreshing your home decor visually marks turning over a new leaf.

Gain inspiration for your 2021 home design from the latest trends. The interior design trends for 2021 incorporate our general want of renewal and our nostalgia for better times. They also reflect a move towards sustainability and appreciation for nature, something many of us have gained in 2020.

Natural and Rustic Elements

Rustic kitchen table with a cactus sitting behind it

In this trend, minimalist looks based on neutral color palettes and sleek lines give away a need for character in the living space. More homes are adding handmade, sustainable, and natural touches in the home design.

Rustic pieces like natural wood, stone, or worked materials bring texture and detail to a living space. Homes with features like exposed beams, original wood floors, or stone fireplaces have a leg up on this trend. Otherwise, adding paneled walls is an easy way to create visual interest.

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If adding walls or beams isn’t in your wheelhouse, incorporate the trend through simpler touches, like a reclaimed wood end table or mantlepiece.

Coinciding with the use of natural elements, the year brought a renewed appreciation for quality, hand-crafted goods that are unique and sustainable. For example, the increased interest in rattan and cane furniture is part of the natural materials movement.

To incorporate sustainable pieces into your space, look locally for handmade art pieces, like ceramics or paintings. Add hand-knitted throws or a sustainably sourced rug into a living room.


Couch with cross-stitched decorative pillows

Whether you prefer to call the trend “Grandmillennial” or “New Traditionalist,” the design taps our nostalgia for design trends considered stuffy or outdated. Think of your grandmother’s world of cross-stitching, bold prints, and ruffles.

What the trend does is blend the old with new by editing the ornate traditionalist design. It’s about creating a sense of comfort without the fussiness of the past.

Think of a traditional armchair without the ornate details like claw feet. Or, contrast a traditionalist headboard against an eye-catching contemporary hanging light and a brightly patterned throw pillow.

Interior designers are also expecting the millennial generation to tap their nostalgia for the 80’s style but reimagined for the contemporary era. The tendency is to use saturated colors and sculptural furniture–maybe even dark walls and more wicker furniture.

Cottage Core

Room with cottage core design

Another trend reflecting a desire for simpler times is Cottage Core. This design taps into idealized notions of Victorian-era agricultural life to create spaces both whimsical and comforting. Think of the romance and vintage appeal of the traditional English countryside.

Cottage core involves handmade and artisan design choices with a layered, maximalist style. Select pieces you’d expect to see in a fairytale cottage, like botanic motifs, feminine fabrics, and cozy cushions. Embrace checkered print, patterned wallpaper, and floral serving ware.

Repurposed & Vintage

Repurposed vintage chair and table

Another design idea repurposes antique pieces as a way to provide contrast in a space. The trend isn’t to completely re-create a vintage room, but to reference the era with pieces you love. The goal is to create a casual sense of luxury.

For the look, pairs retro pieces against statement lighting or warm fabrics. Look for vintage markets or antique stores for pieces you love. The pieces don’t need to be perfect. The aged character is part of its charm. Embrace the chipped paintwork, faded fabrics, and blemishes.

Contrast it against something contemporary. This could be an antique buffet paired with a modern chandelier and patterned rug in a dining room.

The Beach Getaway

Bedroom styled with beach decor

Since we haven’t been able to go on vacations, bring the distant shores into your home to create spaces to recharge. This trend takes the best of our beach vacations to create rooms that restore and invigorate.

Channel the calm of the ocean with a color palette of aqua and ocean blues. Pair with antique glass vases, wicker, or worked wooden elements.

Or, go more Hawaiian with a classic floral design with contemporary touches. Think bright tropical colors against monotones.

Living Plants

Plants freshen the air and brighten the mood, which might be why the movement towards indoor plants is back. Their verdancy and color create a sense of calm and peace. Plants are versatile, too, with a range of sizes, arrangements, and care instructions suitable for thumbs of all colors.

Earth Tones

Elegant sitting room

Earth tones create comforting and welcoming spaces. If the colors of the year are anything to go by, it’s exactly what we need in 2021. The palette is built around what you’d find in nature: rich tans, warm greens, marigolds, rustic reds, and blues.

The brownish-ties of earth colors enable them to create a neutral scheme. However, it’s easy to add grounded pops of color, like throw pillows of burnt orange or a sage statement wall.

Repaint a room to create a refreshing retreat. Or apply the broad spectrum of earth tones to updated furniture and accessories.

Earth tones pair nicely with natural materials like woods and metals, making it easier to match existing pieces when you’re on a budget.

2021 Home Design Trends

The 2021 home design trends hint at our desire for more peace and serenity. Whether you’re seeking to refresh because you plan to list your home in the new year or you’re craving change in your spaces, find inspiration here. Tap into the optimism and nostalgia in the new year to bring calm and creativity into your homes.


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